Linden Leaves chosen as official gift for Hillary Clinton’s Christchurch visit

9 November 2010, 2:23PM

Linden Leaves are proud to have been selected by the Christchurch City Council as their sole official gift supplier to the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who visited Christchurch this past weekend. Asked to keep their gift status confidential until after the official presentation, the Linden Leaves team were more than happy to oblige, but are now happy to be able to share details with a wider audience and are pleased that the Secretary of State herself will personally receive the products. Business Development Manager Cheryl Adkin was surprised to learn that many of the other gifts offered by local Christchurch companies may well not even make it off shore, as official gifts are subjected to stringent security checks by the Secret Service before being approved for gifting. Ms Adkin prepared the gift under careful guidelines from the US Secret Service, and required a number of phone calls confirming protocol to ensure Linden Leaves were able to gift wrap the items and present them to the level of presentation the brand strives to achieve. “It is so rewarding to think that the Linden Leaves products will actually get to her, as opposed to gifts given at a civic level, which I have discovered frequently do not make it past her people or are distributed within her team” says Ms Adkin, who personally saw Hillary Clinton in Christchurch on Sunday. Ms Adkin was able to assure the Secret Service of the strict Quality Assurance all Linden Leaves products undergo before release and was on hand to answer security questions and personally oversee the Linden Leaves gift delivery. Linden Leaves currently supplies gifts and skincare amenities to top-end luxury accommodation and hotels within New Zealand, including the five star hotel which hosted Hillary Clinton during her stay in the Garden City. The New Zealand brand is proudly made in New Zealand and exports its products to 14 international markets.