Dare To Shine With Zero Weight Thanks To New Pantene Ice Shine!

Dare To Shine With Zero Weight Thanks To New Pantene Ice Shine!

29 April 2014, 5:21PM
Impact PR

Pantene’s new Ice Shine formula is free from added silicone*, dye and paraben for hair so healthy it shines.
P&G - the company behind many of New Zealand’s favourite brands including Olay, Oral-B and Venus introduces Pantene Ice Shine,

Pantene’s new silicone*, dye and paraben-free collection that protects against damage to give you a healthy, natural looking shine with zero weight and zero residue. 

Designed to care for hair that feels weighed down, looks lifeless and lacks shine the Pantene Ice Shine collection works to smooth the hair’s cuticle providing intensive nourishment and allowing hair to shine from within.

Pantene Ice Shine shampoo - with no added silicone - cleanses oil and dirt residue gently, while the conditioner - with no added dye or paraben - leaves hair conditioned and rinses away quickly. 

Pantene Expert Hairstylist, Barney Martin, says fine hair can often look limp and lifeless, but the new Pantene Ice Shine combats this by providing protection against damage with virtually no weight.

“The formula provides finer hair with the perfect balance between delivering incredible shine to strands while remaining pure and free from silicones*, paraben and dye, he says.

Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo 350ml RRP $8.58

Free from added silicone*, paraben and dye, the gentle Pantene Ice Shine formula cleanses fine hair to remove dirt and residue, leaving hair glowing. Transforming tired, dull locks into hair that is full of life and
sparkle, Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo leaves hair feeling fresh and full of natural vitality. 

Pantene Ice Shine Conditioner 350ml RRP $8.58

The Pantene Ice Shine Conditioner, free from added paraben and dye, leaves fine hair conditioned and radiant. By aligning hair fibers, Pantene Ice Shine Conditioner smooths the surface of the hair cuticle so each strand better reflects the light and is left radiant. 

Pantene Ice Shine Treatment 200ml RRP $10.21

The Pantene Ice Shine Treatment, free from added paraben and dye, leaves hair feeling nourished and naturally shining with health. Leaving virtually no residue, the Pantene Ice Shine Treatment deeply nourishes to strengthen and repair for soft, radiant results.