NZ Mums Glam Up to Raise Awareness & Money for Post Natal Depression

14 December 2010, 1:30PM

As soon as you hold your newborn in your arms you realize that life will never be the same again. For many mothers, along with the joy comes a multitude of mixed emotions. Sadness, stress, frustration, tiredness and sometimes post natal depression. Some or all of these things affect all new mothers at some stage and while we are often good at showing the world that we are coping just fine – we are not always good at exposing our vulnerability. Often even those closest to us have very little idea of how we are really feeling.

Rebekah Lipp is helping to support all mothers regardless of their journey via her new project Sacrifice Love Beauty.

Newly launched SLB’s first project involved a competition to find some of New Zealand’s most amazing mums and gather them all for a whole lot of pampering and a 2011 calendar photo shoot in Auckland.

The resulting calendar is a testament to real mothers nationwide and with $5 from each calendar going to Mothers Matter. Mothers Matter is a charity organisation which aims to improve awareness and understanding of postnatal depression (PND) and related mental illnesses in pregnancy and after childbirth. Visit their website for more information

Rebekah says of SLB “This is a place to celebrate mothers! The sacrifices mothers make are huge but we do this in an instant for the love of our children. I want mothers to also remember the beauty they are as women and not lose their identity or self confidence"

Calendars are available to purchase through the Sacrifice Love Beauty Website