Silly season is upon us!

Silly season is upon us!

9 November 2017, 4:10PM
Lily & Louis

A 5-step guide to making it out alive on the other side of Christmas festivities.

Christmas Season is around the corner, and why should you have to miss a party because you couldn’t recover from the last one? With champagne flowing and beersies abound, Pharmacist Nawaff AlKabban at Auckland CBD Unichem Wyndham Street Pharmacy offers 5 tips to get you back up and going after a big night out.

Remember, drink responsibly and recover expertly!
Hydrate and restore lost nutrients

alcohol depletes you of vital nutrients, with the list spanning the entire alphabet (nearly). While you’re enjoying that glass of bubbly a little too much, chances are you’re also losing vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, K and other nutrients. Result: sapped energy, lethargic, moody and low immune response.
Recover with 1Above’s Next Level Recovery drink. Powered by the world’s most clinically researched anti-oxidant with proven benefits for recovery and circulation, you’re also pumping 8 electrolytes and 6 vitamins your body will soak up. It comes in 2 flavours: apple and lime and blueberry and apple and will get you on your way sans the skull pains.

Have a nap
Naps are underrated in general, and in life. In the old days, and by old days we mean centuries ago, people’s day used to consist of several naps and in many South American countries siestas are still a dominant part of the culture. Some argue that as human beings, we’re not meant to operate full charge without rest for 8 hours or more as is common in today’s modern Western culture. Chances are if you’ve painted the town red the night before, you won’t have a full day of responsibilities ahead of you so sneak a nap or two in and feel the immediate benefits. If that’s not the case, maybe you’ve learned the hard way for next time and will learn to stay in or have a quiet one instead.

Avoid coffee
As counter intuitive as this might sound, avoid having coffee if you’ve got a pounding headache. While everything in your body might say a caffeine fix is a good idea, coffee actually boosts the blood pressure by narrowing your blood vessels; both of which could actually make you feel worse. If your withdrawal is more than you can bear, have the smallest amount possible, but flush your system out straight away and get as much good fluids into you as possible.
Eat bananas

Potassium. One of the many nutrients you lose in abundance by frequenting the bathroom on a great night out. What you might not know is as the best source of vitamin B6, research has shown they can reduce a hangover by as much as 50%! That is pretty impressive by anyone’s standards. The same reason athletes love to smash a banana straight after strenuous exercise to recover, you need it to counteract last night’s over indulgence.

Dim light and sounds
Intuitive really. While a small green man bangs a hammer against your skull inside your head, chances are your eyes will feel sensitive and loud noises feel like they’ll send you over the edge. Avoid screen lights as they stimulate the brain and turn down the TV. Excessive light or noise are everything but relaxing, and for your body to rest and recover, you need to be in a genuine state of relaxation. So nap, put Netflix on, but don’t blast the stereo (not that you’ll want to) or dive into your smartphone/tablet screen for hours.