Atzen Eye Lift Serum

The under-eye is a common problem area for many people, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines often leave you looking tired and fatigued. ATZEN RENEW Eye Lift Serum combats a range of under-eye issues with a high concentration of the most active ingredients leaving the eye area looking rejuvenated and energized.

ATZEN RENEW Eye Lift Serum has a unique combination of naturally sourced ingredients which refreshes, soothes and energizes the delicate skin around the eye area instantly, giving you a more youthful appearance.

This powerful anti-aging formula kick starts cell communication reducing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

INTACT DNA ® is ATZEN’s exclusively highly bio-available DNA from natural marine origin that retains 10,000 times its weight in water to hydrate cells in the dermis. This is the most beneficial type of hydration to cells deep in the skin where most cellular activity takes place repairing scars and wrinkles and where new cells are created.

Osilft ® is a 100% natural polyose derived from oats that durably adheres to the skin and spreads to form a lifting film under the eye. Within two hours of application the serum’s lifting effects reach their maximum and remains at ultimate levels for over four hours.

While Osilft ® creates short term lift ATZEN’s Syn-ake ® peptides works over a length of time to reduce the appearance of lines. Syn-ake ® mimics the action of the neuromuscular blocking compound of the Temple Viper venom. While the Syn-ake ® venom works to paralyse, the peptide relaxes the muscles making it safe to use on skin. Syn-ake ® is a safe alternative to Botulin Toxin and works within 15 days to reduce the appearance of expression lines.

Eyeliss ® is ATZEN’s multi-action compound consisting of three types of peptide - Hesperidin, Lipopeptide and Dipeptide, which all target a range of under-eye concerns. Found in citrus fruits, Hesperidin can aid in strengthening the under-eye capillaries which reduces dark circles. Lipopeptide is an anti-inflammatory which improves skin elasticity and radiance. Dipeptide can aid lymphatic drainage which limits water retention and puffiness. Overall Eyeliss ® helps fend off tired looking eyes to create a rejuvenating, well rested and youthful appearance.

“While the under-eye is the most frequent problem area it generally requires the most attention. The skin is extremely delicate and susceptible to the elements. ATZEN RENEW Eye Lift Serum is all natural and very gentle, but uses ingredients which specifically target each individual under-eye concern which ensures the highest level of care and treatment” Catherine Atzen, Creator of ATZEN Skin Care

ATZEN RENEW™ Eye Lift Serum RRP$145.00

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Atzen Eye Lift Serum

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