Introducing White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor's Iconic Scent Takes On a Sophisticated, New Sparkle

Introducing White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor's Iconic Scent Takes On a Sophisticated, New Sparkle

22 April 2014, 3:03PM
Elizabeth Arden

White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor is considered one the best selling celebrity scents of all time.  With more than a billion dollars in sales, this enduring fragrance continues to dazzle … much like the legendary actress who created it.  Now, the iconic scent takes on a new sparkle with the introduction of White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor herself was extraordinary – her radiance captivated, her beauty enthralled, her energy reflected a light that entranced the world.  Unafraid to follow her heart, Taylor lived passionately and on her own terms.  She was surrounded by luxury and glamour, yet it was her inner beauty that shone brighter than any jewel.  Elizabeth Taylor left us inspired to dream big, and to live boldly.

She said about White Diamonds, “I think most women love diamonds, and this perfume captures the sparkle of diamonds.  If you have it in a perfume, it’s the same sense of sparkle and uplift.  It’s diamonds in a bottle.”

Elizabeth Taylor loved her extraordinary collection of diamonds, as well as the gardens in her Bel Air home, which were filled with colour, texture and – most importantly – scent.  She didn’t like to cut those flowers, instead appreciating their natural and inherent beauty.  Taylor felt the same way about her jewels, saying she was a temporary custodian of their artistry and exceptional quality.  She captured the essence of both when she created the original White Diamonds scent – a fragrance she wore every day, just as she did the Krupp diamond.  Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, clearly Taylor was on to something.  Today, her award-winning White Diamonds fragrance continues to deliver its uniquely rich, sensual and feminine scent to adoring fans worldwide.

Just as Elizabeth Taylor famously said, “A girl can always have more diamonds,” White Diamonds adds to its collection with White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor.  This new scent is the essence of Elizabeth Taylor’s joie de vivre, distilled for the woman celebrating her own beauty, voice and dreams with the enthusiasm Taylor embodied.  Lustre is the spirit of life that she possessed, which every woman can share by living as she did.

Lustre explores a fresh side of White Diamonds, with sheer effervescent florals that highlight the heart of the fragrance.  Like the original White Diamonds, White Diamonds Lustre reflects the light of the most precious stone, the diamond, and sparkles with the energy of youth, the vibrancy of a strong personality and the mystery of what might come next.

Master perfumer Carlos Benaim, who worked side by side with Taylor on the original White Diamonds, crafted this new scent to embody her aspirational approach to life.  At its center lies Elizabeth Taylor’s favourite Narcissus flower, re-imagined in a way that is timelessly glamorous, yet interwoven with fragrant additions which glimmer with a brightness that is contemporary and feminine.

Of the original White Diamonds, Carlos Benaim says, “it is a timeless classic with a luxurious essence that I wanted to capture in Lustre with a fresh and more transparent fragrance structure.  The result stays true to all that Elizabeth Taylor loved – her flowers, her sparkling jewels - yet feels very modern.  As she would have said, it’s a beautiful way to wear diamonds every day.”

Each note in the fragrance has special meaning, revealing the facets of Elizabeth Taylor’s extraordinary persona and creating a luminous floral bouquet that holds the promise of radiant beauty:

Feminine: Sparkling notes of Bergamot, Mandarin, Juicy Pear and Raspberry form a crystalline, fresh fruity inflection that is deliciously feminine.
Glamorous: Sheered floral notes of Narcissus, Orange Flower, Jasmine and Orris lightly unveil her irresistibly glamorous aura. 
Iconic: An amber complex wrapped in musk with sensual woods of Sandalwood and Vetyver envelop her with the luxurious warmth and beauty that Elizabeth Taylor embodied, and wanted to share with the world.

The Packaging:
Elizabeth Taylor loved fragrance, but she also had an incredible eye for packaging and design – she created the White Diamonds bottle and packaging to be as precious as one of her jewels. As radiant as the original White Diamonds bottle, Lustre’s sleek and elegant purple glass column is topped with a sparkling silver cap that captures light much like a radiant jewel. Encrusted with a pave-like white diamond collar, the bottle exudes a modern sophistication that adds a glamorous grace note to any dressing table.

NEW White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor Collection:
White Diamonds Lustre EDT Spray 100ml   RRP$89

White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor Collection:
White Diamonds Eau de Toilette Spray Naturel 30ml  RRP$79
White Diamonds Eau de Toilette Spray Naturel 50ml  RRP$104
White Diamonds Eau de Toilette Spray Naturel 100ml  RRP$142

As part of Elizabeth Taylor's passionate commitment and fearless leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS, she directed that 25% of her royalties from White Diamonds and her other House of Taylor fragrances go to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor Availability: 28 April 2014

Where to Buy: Available from Farmers, selected pharmacies and department stores.