Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula™; finally enjoy a great night's sleep

Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula™; finally enjoy a great night's sleep

9 February 2015, 5:44PM
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Who is having trouble sleeping? Are you too hot, tossing and turning and then waking up tired? We all need the best night’s sleep possible to be ready for our very busy next day! For the average adult, eight hours sleep is considered the optimal, however not many of us are able to experience such luxury. We have all been a little tired or had the odd night of restless sleep, but if your sleep is consistently of a poor quality this may affect your health.

Blackmores understands the importance of a good night’s sleep and has developed a sleep formula specifically to support restful, restorative and quality sleep. Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula™ supports naturally healthy and sound sleep so you wake refreshed. With a great night’s sleep, you can enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing.

Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula™ is a herbal supplement containing calming herbs valerian, lemon balm and the mineral magnesium. The researched based valerian extract in Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula™ supports the body’s natural ability to sleep soundly and deeply. Lemon balm has traditionally been used for restlessness and irritability. Magnesium is important for healthy muscle function.  Low magnesium is associated with increased night time wakefulness.

For added sleep support, Blackmores recommends you:
• Reduce technology use in the evening.  Taking gadgets to bed can increase wakefulness
• Keep a sleep diary in which to ‘off load’ the thoughts which keep you  awake. This can also help pinpoint potential triggers for  sleeplessness
• Cut down on caffeine, particularly in the afternoon and evening
• Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends
• Take a hot bath before bedtime
• Have a soothing milky drink or herbal tea before bed

Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula™ RRP $35.90 (30 tabs)

NOTE: Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.
STOCKIST DETAILS: Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula™ is available from leading pharmacy and health food stores nationwide. For more information or to speak to a qualified Naturopath call Blackmores free Advisory Service on 0508 75 74 73 or visit

EDITORS NOTE: Blackmores cares about Kiwis’ health and well-being. A leader in health since its launch over 80 years ago, Blackmores products are made with the best ingredients, supported by the latest clinical research, to assure quality, safety and efficacy. All raw materials are laboratory tested so Blackmores knows everything about their identity, purity and potency and every batch can be traced from raw material to finished product. With community well-being at its heart, Blackmores continues to strive to look after the things that are important to you.