Kiwi Women Should Grow Old Gracefully - Survey

14 December 2010, 2:04PM

Kiwi women want to ‘grow old gracefully’ rather than attempt to turn back the clock with cosmetic procedures – according to a new study.

The findings were released today as part of the Olay Regenerist Survey* – an independent study which looked at New Zealand women’s attitudes towards cosmetic surgery.

The results found that two thirds (66%) of women believed they should age naturally rather than succumb to the trend of having a cosmetic procedure. And, nearly one quarter (23%) of women said they would be offended if someone asked them if they had work done.
Kiwi men were just as opposed to women fighting the ageing process by utilising cosmetic procedures, with six out of ten (61%) of male respondents saying they preferred a more relaxed attitude to ageing.

When it came to celebrities, more than three quarters of Kiwi women (77%) and two thirds of men (68%) said that Hollywood actors had indulged in too many cosmetic procedures.

The research also showed that cosmetic procedures were not just the domain of international stars, with nearly one third of women (32%) and twenty three percent of men saying that they or someone they knew had undertaken a cosmetic procedure. Despite this figure only 13% of women and 11% of men would be likely to recommend a cosmetic procedure to a friend or relative.

Top Auckland appearance medicine expert Dr Garsing Wong says the survey confirms what we all believe to be the quintessential Kiwi attitude regarding modesty and simplicity.

“Ageing gracefully does not mean neglecting yourself. It means choosing simple, non-surgical interventions to keep your skin looking healthy. Good clinically proven topical skincare products are an important and integral part of your healthy skin regime, which ultimately leads to better cosmetic results,” says Dr Wong.

Leading psychologist Sara Chatwin says the research shows that people aren’t making impulsive decisions to engage in surgeries and procedures that may not be necessary.

“It’s becoming clear from this research and from other anecdotal evidence that men and women feel empowered enough to embrace the concept of ageing gracefully,” she says. “It’s interesting and refreshing to read findings that suggest people are relatively comfortable with their appearance. This acceptance may suggest good levels of self-esteem and confidence. It may also suggest that at long last we believe in ourselves and not in the perceptions and opinions of others.”

The survey was carried out in conjunction with the launch of new Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum.