More than just a Multivitamin

More than just a Multivitamin

17 February 2015, 1:55PM
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With so many options available, choosing a multivitamin that’s ‘right’ for you can be a difficult choice. Containing Enzyme Activated Nutrients (EAN) from natural food sources, you can feel rest assured that Enzymedica’s Enzyme Nutrition™ Two Daily Multi-Vitamin will meet the needs of every member of your family aged 14+.

New Zealand Naturopath and Technical Adviser for Natual Meds, Michelè Wilton, says: “It’s very unlikely people are receiving everything they need from the foods they consume, unless they eat organically-grown fruit and vegetables and other food groups daily that provide a baseline of the vitamins and minerals our body’s requires.”

“In the US, we’re seeing a growing trend of people taking multivitamins that are made from natural food sources.  We’re now starting to see this trend carry through to New Zealand.  Multivitamins containing enzymes is another new innovation and to me, taking them make good sense, as they also help assist with the absorbtion of nutrients.”

As the market leader in producing cutting-edge enzyme formulas, Enzymedica’s Enzyme Nutrition™ Two Daily Multi-Vitamin is a comprehensive multivitamin that offers high potency enzymes and probiotics alongside compound-rich botanicals with nutrient-dense whole foods – making it perhaps one of the best multis on the planet!  RRP $59.50.

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