Improve mobility with Sir Bob Charles SportsVel & AntiFlam Pluss

Improve mobility with Sir Bob Charles SportsVel & AntiFlam Pluss

20 February 2015, 6:38PM
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Silberhorn is one of New Zealand’s longest established manufacturers of health supplements. Born out of necessity, the founder and his father Albert had tried all available treatments for joint pain and degeneration; out of desperation they consulted a Chinese health specialist who suggested the benefits of a natural supplement, with a history going back 2000 years in Korea and China. After much consultation and experimentation a liquid tonic was developed. Albert was back to playing bowls and a more active lifestyle and word quickly spread in the small Southland town of Albert’s improved mobility, generating a steady stream of visitors wanting to get their hands on some of the tonic!

Silberhorn was born; word spread quickly beyond Southland to the rest of New Zealand, Australia and around the world; for thirty years, Silberhorn still a NZ family owned business, has been helping men and women of all ages maintain an active healthy lifestyle, from young sports people through all ages to the very elderly.

Sir Bob Charles has used what we know now as SportsVel to support strength and mobility for nearly 30 years. Now a health maintenance supplement in a convenient capsule form; produced from untipped premium New Zealand deer velvet; extracted using Silberhorns unique cryogenic process which enhances the active nutrients within deer velvet, resulting in the unique health promoting benefits of SportsVel.

Silberhorn SportsVel is a totally natural supplement containing many essential minerals, amino acids and nutrients readily absorbed into the body. It is the main ingredient in many Oriental preventative medicines. Used for two thousand years as a tonic to maintain a state of well-being, and increase physical and mental vitality. SportsVel is a natural anti-inflammatory food for the TLC tissues (tendons, ligaments and cartilage) the source of much joint pain.

Silberhorn SportsVel carries the name Sir Bob Charles for very good reasons. Sir Bob has had a long golfing career without the joint health issues that inhibit many professional golfers; Sir Bob attributes his success and longevity to the support provided by SportsVel. The benefits are numerous; it slows the aging process, supports energy levels, balancing the immune system, supporting joint & bone health, repair and regeneration of soft and connective tissue.

AntiFlam Pluss is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief supplement that is free from lactose, gluten, salt, yeast, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It contains; Black Cohosh which has been used to treat colds and arthritis, White Willow Bark often used as a natural alternative to aspirin, Devils Claw which has been used for thousands of years to treat fever, rheumatoid arthritis and skin conditions, Hops which purifies the blood and helps establish healthy sleeping patterns and Magnesium which may assist the body in repairing defective connective tissue.

Silberhorn SportsVel & AntiFlam Pluss work together to improve well being & mobility for people of all ages, For more information visit

Silberhorn SportsVel 100 capsules RRP $54.00 and AntiFlam Pluss 100 capsules $22.50 are available from participating pharmacies or direct from or freephone 0800 502 402

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