Valeur Absolue Confiance - A beautifully gentle shield

Valeur Absolue Confiance - A beautifully gentle shield

27 March 2015, 10:20AM
Elizabeth Arden Inc.

Confiance is the fifth fragrance masterpiece from Valeur Absolue, following the success of Harmonie, Sensualité, Joie-Eclat and Sérénitude.  This new well-being elixir brings that special self-confidence and poise to women, to make them not only irresistible, but also naturally beautiful, open-hearted, warm and generous.

A recent study conducted by Valeur Absolue showed just how much a lack of confidence can be an obstacle for women.  This lack of assurance, even if it’s temporary, makes them act out of character.  Aspiring to that famous ‘positive attitude’, which makes life so much easier, they admit to searching for any means or method to counteract this natural self-doubt.

This finding was all it took for Valeur Absolue, the brand that has shaped its identity on serenity and greater well-being, to create a fragrance that would offer reassurance and, through its composition, make us invincible.  It would make femininity a shield against doubt and provide a soothing strength that’s unique to personalities who are confident in the future.

The aromas of softness

For some women, self-confidence is transmitted, too often, by how others perceive them.  Although this may be an indulgence by those who love us, we shouldn’t rely on this type of power.  Vanilla is at the heart of this new nectar and Marie-Aude Bluche, Director of Perfume Development at Firmenich, chose a specific extract, with proven well-being properties.  Clinical studies have shown that making premature babies breathe in vanilla stimulates their growth; similarly, it can be used to calm patients who feel claustrophobic or afraid about going through a scanner machine. 

Selected by Firmenich, through their “preservation of raw materials” programme, this exclusive bio vanilla from Madagascar, offers the whole spectrum of its unique aspects.  Tender, but never insipid, enveloping, but never overpowering, it weaves a refined and elegant thread with the other extracts and quickly becomes addictive.  With clove and cinnamon as top notes, candied peach and amber at the heart and base notes of cedarwood and Siam benzoin, Confiance gives off, by turn, warmth, spiciness, solace and a natural, subtle animal aroma.  Once seduced by a spray of this perfume, self-confidence will be evident.  A reassurance in oneself that radiates a positive aura, that’s even stronger with the addition of other oligo-elements and extract of Immortelle, chosen for its ability to release beta-endorphines, the happiness molecules.

The colour of confidence

To complement this positive fragrance, we needed to find stones that would visually provide a comforting balm … on the heart.  Often considered as an anchoring stone, that Egyptians believed had protective powers, orange carnelian keeps negative thoughts at bay, restores concentration and love of life.  Aside from its invigorating and lively colour, it conveys just the right mood to a perfume, which, without any doubt will be the perfume of the year.

Valeur Absolue Confiance Parfum Elixir 45ml  RRP$115
Valeur Absolue Confiance Parfum Elixir 90ml  RRP$159

Valeur Absolue Confiance