Introducing Venerdi Paleo Grain Free Bread:  for the hunter gatherer in all of us!

Introducing Venerdi Paleo Grain Free Bread: for the hunter gatherer in all of us!

6 May 2015, 1:08AM
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Imagine living in cavemen times when food was primarily a source of fuel to help the body run effectively and burn the energy required to complete daily tasks. Living on meat, nuts seeds, berries, vegetables and some fruits, today we call it the Paleo diet!

Venerdi has created a fantastic NEW PALEO range of Grain Free bread using the principles of the caveman’s diet, enabling people to eat a much healthier and fulfilling diet. Paleo directs people back to wholefoods and focuses on nutrient dense ingredients sourced from vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

When Venerdi was creating the PALEO grain free breads, their goal was to stay as close as possible to true paleo guidelines so that people can choose their own path to follow. Of course cavemen didn’t have ovens to bake bread, so take this as a modern day development. Venerdi believe that PALEO grain free breads achieve the health objectives behind the Paleo movement.


Venerdi PALEO grain free breads have significantly decreased carbohydrate and increased protein levels. The Venerdi PALEO Super Seeded grain free bread has only 14.6g of carbohydrates in 2 slices, compared to other seeded bread with carbohydrate values of 20g+. When reducing carbohydrates, it is important that our bodies still get the calories they need to function at their best. Healthy fats and protein are an optimal alternative source of that fuel.

Why is Venerdi PALEO Grain Free Bread good for you?
• Gluten Free
• Dairy Free
• Soy Free

In 2002 Venerdi embarked on producing spelt biscotti for farmers markets; they then created spelt breads and sold their products in organic shops and later supermarkets. They now produce a large range of gluten free breads and have a very satisfying business that benefits so many people.


STOCKISTS: Venerdi PALEO is available at specialty food stores nationwide. To locate your nearest stockist or for further information, visit