International artist recreates Kiwi women's childhood memories

International artist recreates Kiwi women's childhood memories

24 June 2015, 12:09PM
Acumen Republic

Globally-renowned photographer, Irina Werning is making her New Zealand debut this week, working with NIVEA to recapture treasured youthful memories of three Kiwi women.

Argentinian-born Werning is famous worldwide for her stunning recreations of old snapshots into new photographs, with the same subjects shot decades later. A SONY World Photography Awards winner, Werning is not only a talented photographer, but also a costume and set designer as she matches the scenery, clothing and vintage feel of the childhood photographs.

“My favourite part of recreating images is the reactions that I get from my subjects, particularly from women,” said Werning. “There is something truly special about re-visiting your youth in this way, I think it helps people re-connect with the things they did when they were young, and makes them feel more youthful themselves.”

“There is great beauty in allowing someone to recreate childhood memories – it brings out a youthfulness in their presence, and I’m so excited to be doing this for the first time with Kiwi women,” Werning said.

NIVEA is collaborating with Werning as part of their commitment to help women reignite their youth. By re-creating a treasured photo from their childhood, these women will remember the youth that they feel they have lost now that they are grown up, and rediscover that they can still act the way they did when they were young – feeling carefree, confident, and without limits.

NIVEA’s latest face care innovation, the CELLular Anti-Age range, harnesses the power of a unique combination of ingredients that stimulate skin cells to improve skin renewal, helping women reignite youthful looking skin from deep within.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Irina on this exciting campaign”, says Sacha Ravn, Senior Brand Manager at NIVEA.

“Irina’s work is the perfect embodiment of rediscovering youthful feelings, energy and a sense of positivity, and we feel that the NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age range and Irina are so well aligned in their philosophies of reigniting the look and feeling of youth. Together, we’re striving to support women in embracing positivity and revitalising their youth.”