DIY Fermentation

DIY Fermentation

28 September 2015, 6:00AM
Exisle Publishing

100 step-by-step home fermentation recipes
Fermentation has given us some of the food world’s most treasured delights, and with DIY Fermentation, making delicious probiotic foods in your own kitchen has never been easier. Accessible overviews of fundamental fermentation techniques and over 100 step-by-step recipes provide the basic skill you will turn to again and again as you experiment with nourishing ferments at home.

Photo courtesy of Exisle Publishing

Enjoy all the health benefits and delicious flavours of naturally fermentedvegetables, fruits, dairy, beverages, breads, condiments and much more with this invaluable guide to unleash your inner DIYer and master your fermentation skills.

Katherine Green is a writer and food educator in Portland, Oregon. She is a fermentation geek, trained winemaker, and the former owner of Mama Green’s Jam. She lives with her husband, two sons, and a flock of chickens.

DIY Fermentation is available September 1 from and wherever good books are sold. RRP $24.99