New Face of Viva La Juicy

New Face of Viva La Juicy

21 October 2015, 1:18PM
Elizabeth Arden

Viva La Juicy is a celebration, deeply rooted in the Juicy Couture manifesto to be larger than life and to enjoy every moment fiercely.  The perfect, decadent scent for any and every occasion, Viva La Juicy is a top-selling fragrance that has attained iconic status globally since its debut in 2008.
The Viva La Juicy girl is a prestige princess who is always the life of the party and never turns down a glass of champagne.  She stays out late, wakes up early and lives life with Viva!  A fashionista who can give a trendy, modern edge to any classic look, her look is chic and dynamic.  Making every moment couture, the Viva La Juicy girl owns the room with her glamorous presence and infectious exuberance.
Juicy girls always want more, and Viva La Juicy has given rise to a number of unforgettable sister scents over the years.  Beginning with the sheer and romantic Viva La Juicy La Fleur, then moving on to Viva La Juicy Noir, the classic scent for a night out and Viva La Juicy Gold Couture the over-the-top scent for the girl who lusts for luxury.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Arden

The Fragrance
Viva La Juicy defines a groundbreaking olfactive experience, evolving a classic Oriental Vanillic Fruity structure into true new floral gourmand territory.  Embracing the House of Juicy’s signature feeling of juicy addiction, Viva La Juicy has an unexpected wink of surprise: the fragrance drives from the back with its delectable caramel, vanilla and praline. 
Fruity juicy topnotes make a playful, fresh and feminine first impression.  Viva La Juicy opens with sparkling mandarin, luscious peach nectar and irresistible wild berries, capturing the vivacious spirit of the fun-loving Juicy girl.
Soft and feminine, Viva La Juicy features a beautifully blended heart of glamorous gardenia, sensual jasmine and exquisite coconut orchid.  The floralcy is round, romantic, elegant and easy to wear.
Viva La Juicy’s creamy, ambery, vanilla drydown with hints of caramel and praline are a mouthwatering finish to the Couture scent.  The feeling is intensely passionate and alluring.
The Ad Campaign
Serving as the face of Viva La Juicy is world famous supermodel, Candice Swanepoel.  Effortlessly capturing the bubbly “it” girl, Candice never turns down the opportunity to be the life of the party.  With one spray of Viva La Juicy, she’s the center of attention at an extravagantly vivacious party.  Inspired by the feminine glamour of the Viva La Juicy girl, the campaign channels Candice’s extroverted personality, infectious charisma and the fragrance’s iconic message to be larger than life and enjoy every moment fiercely.
“What I love most about Viva La Juicy is that I can wear it from day into night.  Whether you’re spending the day with your girlfriends or going out dancing at nighttime, it’s the perfect fragrance.  The fruity, floral scent will always turn people’s heads when you walk into the room.”
Candice Swanepoel
The Packaging
Capturing the glamorous spirit of Juicy Couture, the Viva La Juicy bottle is inspired by vintage treasures found in antique shops and embellished with a golden crest.  A juicy girl always makes a statement and is never caught without accessories, including her signature scent, Viva La Juicy.  The gold charms that dangle from the classic Couture safety pin are perfectly juxtaposed against the uber feminine magenta satin bow adding that classic yet trendy je ne sais quoi trademark by Juicy Couture.
Packaged in a bright pink box and trimmed with gold, the Viva La Juicy collection is modern, stylish and oh-so Juicy!

The Products
Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum Spray 30 ml                       RRP$110
Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum Spray 50 ml                       RRP$145
Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml                     RRP$195