The step-by-step guide to keeping your kids on track

The step-by-step guide to keeping your kids on track

13 April 2016, 6:00AM
Exisle Publishing

Parenting can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences – but it can also be one of the toughest. There are times where you’ll likely have to deal with conflict, behavioural issues, discipline that seems to go nowhere, and heightened stress. So, how do you keep your relationship with your kids on track?
In the forthcoming book, Parenting for a Happier Home, renowned Australian psychologist Stuart Passmore has written a research-driven parenting guide to ensure your family unit stays harmonious. The strategies are designed to work with behavioural disorders such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder as well as explosive and non-compliant behaviour and work in each of the child's different environments.

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Readers will learn how to:
Develop a stronger relationship with your child; Recognise the four parenting styles and where you sit;  Accept your child’s emotions and behaviour; Enhance your child’s emotional development;  Understand the important role of parental modelling; implement discipline systems that actually work;  Encourage children to take ownership of their behaviour; Repair damaged relationships and develop greater respect
Filled with evidence-based practical advice and chapter exercises, Parenting for a Happier Home provides parents with the tools they need to keep kids on track.

Melbourne-based Stuart Passmore is a psychologist in private practice, with extensive experience in working with individuals, couples and families. Stuart specialises in parenting children with behavioural disorders and noncompliant behaviour. He is the author of the very successful ADHD Handbook (also by Exisle Publishing).