Best Australian Comedy Writing

Best Australian Comedy Writing

13 October 2016, 12:43PM

Best Australian Comedy Writing is the second hilarious comedy anthology compiled by funnyman Luke Ryan. With some of the biggest names and driest wits in the country, this book will tickle the most fickle of funny bones: from six pages of dick jokes by Shaun Micallef to a side of Tracey Spicer that Ten News definitely kept under wraps. Best Australian Comedy Writing comes with a public transport warning: OPENING THIS BOOK MAY CAUSE SPONTANEOUS HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER.

• Shaun Micallef                            • Greg Fleet
• Tracey Spicer                             • Rosie Waterland
• Benjamin Law                             • David Thorne
• Ben Pobjie                                  • Randy
• John Clarke                                • Amanda Keller
• Em Rusciano                              • Josh Earl

‘Beijing, from what I understand, is a city. It isn’t a sentient life form, capable of hostility and feelings of ill-will towards people. But on that first day, it felt like Beijing hated me.’ – Benjamin Law

‘One day I ended up catching the eye of two young, futureless tracksuited gangbangers, their faces scarred from razor cuts, each exuding a palpable sense of no future.’ – Greg Fleet

About the Author

Luke Ryan is a Melbourne-based freelance writer and comedian. He has written for a number of publications including The Guardian, Smith Journal, The Lifted Brow, The Vine, Crikey and Kill Your Darlings. He is the author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo (Affirm
Press, 2014) and he performs regularly with a sketchcomedy outfit called The Lords of Luxury.