Make Your Yoga Mat a World Traveler

Make Your Yoga Mat a World Traveler

18 October 2016, 2:45PM

Yoga Mat
As every yoga lover knows, a good mat is a must have. One can, of course, practice yoga everywhere. Yoga is an ancient technique that brings peace of mind, health and balance in our lives and helps us thrive. If you’re a really professional yoga practitioner, you can do your asana on the stone cold floor or in the middle of the woods. But, let us be frank, as much as we try not to be fashionable in our fitness equipment, it’s virtually impossible. So, a really passionate yoga lover will take hers/his favorite mat and will travel the world with it.

Yoga is practiced for our spiritual and physical well-being. When one can connect love for yoga and love for travel and the outdoors, the actual benefit of yoga is enhanced.

Destinations To Take Your Yoga Mat
There are a lot of destinations suitable for outdoor yoga. Basically, one would not go to places that are cold and unfriendly. One of the best destinations to go with your yoga mat is some distant Pacific island. We have come across some New Caledonia deals for the best accommodation that will make you pack your bags, take your mat and start the adventure.

The Sun Salutation
The Isle of Pines is a perfect place for a Sun Salutation. Take your mat and go to the untouched beach. There’s no better way to start your day than this asana. It charges you with energy for a day to come. To practice it in a place that is listed among UNESCO'S World Heritage Sites is priceless.  The Isle of Pines emerges from the blue water and it is dominated by the Nga peak, and lined with banyan trees and columnar pines. An important part of yoga is breathing; and where better to practice it than at a place where the air is this clean.

The Warrior
Next location for your yoga mat is the Bahamas. This paradise in the Atlantic Ocean, the Bimini islands, has no less than three islands to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an ideal spot for you and your yoga mat. The Bimini itself is home to some endemic species, protected by law. The largest terrestrial reptile on the island is Boa, but you can come across some lizards, as well as 13 different species of sharks. The legend of Juan Ponce de Leon and his search for Fountain of Youth gives special charm to the island. Within the salt water of North Bimini, lies The Healing Hole, the pool of fresh water rich with calcium and magnesium. During the tides, this pool pumps out fresh water in the sea making it rich in magnesium which has been shown to improve longevity. So there, at the Fountain of Youth, you can do your warrior asanas.

Take your yoga mat to the next journey, in Lake Garda (Lago di Garda), Italy. This magnificent lake is surrounded by mountains on its North side. Lake Garda has numerous different-sized islands. The largest one is Isola di Garda. At this island, St. Francis of Assisi founded a monastery in 1220. The climate is mild, Mediterranean. Here, among olive trees, you can find an excellent spot to do some of energizing asanas such as the dancer, the half-moon, or the downward facing dog.

Moon Salutation
In the Ionian Sea, lies an island of Cephalonia or Kefalonia. This island, apart from frequent earthquakes, is incredibly biodiverse. It has a large number of rare and endemic species, such as Mediterranean monk seal and loggerhead turtle. Do not miss Melissani Cave. The Greek people ascribe special meaning to the full moon in August. There’s no better place to be than on the Myrtos Beach at this occasion. Do your Moon Salutation asana and enjoy yourself until the next trip with your best travel companion, your yoga mat.