Early Girl Stuff 8 –12

Early Girl Stuff 8 –12

19 October 2016, 12:48PM
Penguin Random House

Early Girl Stuff 8–12 is the essential younger girl’s guide to puberty and the pre-teen years. This book will be a younger girl’s best friend as she deals with the first changes of puberty, sometimes as young as 8 or 9. With the help of medical and other experts, Kaz’s positive, encouraging and practical information is essential for pre-teens – and doesn’t overload them with things they don’t yet need to know. Topics covered by this book include first periods, pimples, staying safe online and on the phone, body changes, finding confidence, friends, bullies, eating well, healthy activities, fun, age-appropriate movies and books, and coping with new moods.

About the Author
Kaz Cooke is the number one go-to advisor for girls and women.  Her bestselling books include Girl Stuff, Womens Stuff, Up the Duff, Kidwrangling, and a series of ebooks on womens health issues from sex to mental health and menopause.  Kaz's funny friendly style is backed by research and professional consultants: she's been a best friend to at least two generations.

Published by Penguin Random House