New Zealanders Sought for New Campaign Promoting The Islands of Tahiti

New Zealanders Sought for New Campaign Promoting The Islands of Tahiti

3 March 2017, 1:40PM
MG Media

Tahiti Tourisme has launched a global audition for real couples and families to experience the trip of a lifetime as the new stars of “Two Stories/One Mana”, a digital video campaign promoting The Islands of Tahiti to audiences around the world.

“Two Stories/One Mana” takes real travellers on a 10-day journey in The Islands of Tahiti and captures their experiences immersed in the islands’ secluded beauty, unique Tahitian culture, world-class luxury and wild terrain. It premiered with the first of three video chapters featuring real couples cast last summer from France and the United States. To film more chapters, Tahiti Tourisme is searching for new stars – real couples and families – and expanding its casting call worldwide.

“The experiences of the real couples we filmed last year were so inspiring we knew we had to do sequels,” said Tahiti Tourisme CEO Paul Sloan. “People who are drawn to The Islands of Tahiti for our beautiful private beaches and relaxing world-class resorts can also find amazing adventures and discover the vibrant island culture and unique French Polynesian style. With this global audition, we again want to find real-life travellers, couples and also families, so we can share their genuine experiences in the islands and let people everywhere truly picture themselves here,” said Sloan.

Chapter 1 of “Two Stories/One Mana” debuted with French couple Michel and Elisabeth. In a surprise twist, they were separated from each other on camera and sent on different discoveries of the islands. Elisabeth danced and made music, leisurely biked scenic trails, and swayed in a hammock at sunset. Michel got adventurous, jeeping in the jungle, swimming with sharks and plunging down a waterfall. Diverse activities were chosen to let them experience “Mana”, what the Tahitians have honoured for centuries as the spiritual life force that surrounds and connects all living things.

“These days travellers are looking for meaningful ways to reconnect and disconnect in a busy, hyper-connected world,” said Sloan. “We divided all of the couples to experience the many different sides to the islands, and also to help bring them in touch with Mana as an important and very moving part of the Tahitian culture and way of life. Each couple marvelled at how sharing their separate experiences at the end of the trip brought them closer and revealed surprising facets about both the destination and each other.”

Chapters 2 and 3, set for release in the coming weeks, will feature the Mana stories of two other real couples cast last year who also got to experience the islands’ intriguing duality of experiences, from “getting away from it all” in an elegant overwater bungalow and lounging by a secluded lagoon, to “being a part of it all” with cultural immersion and adventure activities from the mountains to the sea.

How to Audition
Real couples and families who want to audition for Chapters 4-6 of “Two Stories/One Mana” should submit a 15-second video highlighting what they would find inspiring about The Islands of Tahiti , as well as their top three favourite Tahiti activities. Audition videos can be submitted online via social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The deadline to audition is April 5. 

The couples and families chosen as stars will be announced in late April. They will spend 10 days in The Islands of Tahiti in June on a filmed adventure highlighting the islands’ private luxury, stunning natural beauty, vibrant Tahitian culture and unique Mana experiences.

“For the couples we hosted last year it was like the trip of a lifetime,” said Sloan. 

“We hope their videos inspire travellers everywhere – those who have ever wanted to visit The Islands of Tahiti for the first time or return for a new experience – to seek out and embrace their own Mana here on their next holiday.”

To watch the latest chapters in “Two Stories/One Mana” and keep up with the casting call, go to Chapters can also be viewed globally at