Greystone PurePod features on Australia's longest-running television travel show

Greystone PurePod features on Australia's longest-running television travel show

3 July 2017, 5:13PM
Thomas Family and Friends Wine Company Pty. Ltd.

Greystone Wines and PurePods are proud to present their debut on Australia’s longest-running network television programme, Getaway:

The four-minute segment showcases Greystone PurePod – a luxurious eco-cabin made almost entirely of glass which sits inconspicuously above Greystone’s vineyard.

The Greystone PurePod is one of six stories showcasing a collection of South Island’s top tourism attractions, which are still relatively unknown to the Australian tourism market. Last year alone, Getaway attracted more than 10.5 million viewers in Australia.

Tony Saunders, Tourism New Zealand’s General Manager, Australia, says it is a real bonus to secure such a high impact broadcast which meets all Tourism New Zealand’s objectives.

“These stories reinforce our efforts to encourage travellers to visit more regions and to travel outside the peak season. The features also support our South Island campaign to encourage more Australians to take a self-drive holiday”.

The PurePod’s construction is designed to be minimally invasive on the land it is constructed on. The lighting, filtration and heating systems are all powered by solar panels, backed up with a bio-fuel capable water heater.

There are four PurePods scattered around Canterbury, all of which are remote, minimalist, sustainable and have a surreal dreamlike ambiance which ensures guests get the immersive nature experience they hope for.

Greystone Wines general manager, Nick Gill, says “North Canterbury offers an incredible range of world-class food, wine and accommodation, much of which are off the beaten track. We hope the show will garner more interest from our local and international visitors.”