Athleisure 2017 | More than a Trend

Athleisure 2017 | More than a Trend

6 July 2017, 12:52PM

Athleisure seems to be here to stay.  If you can look good, feel good and get more out of a few well-constructed items, you’re ahead of the game.

Get the look and add performance with the right sports gear
What will you be doing today? Soldiering through all-day meetings? Squeezing in a run or a yoga session? Will you enjoy a coffee with mates or hit the mall before picking the kids up from school?

How many times will you change your clothes? If you’re embracing the latest lifestyle and clothing trend, athleisure, you might train in the same clothes you put on for work this morning.

Athleisure seems to be here to stay but it’s about something more than being in sync with fashion. We’re combining clothing that offers durability and comfort in a versatile way, and we’re doing so not just to be “in” but to feel good as we charge forward and meet the day.  Why not be comfortable?

If you can look good, feel good and get more out of a few well-constructed items, you’re ahead of the game. What’s better than boldly patterned leggings that let you stretch to the maximum during a yoga session after they’ve let you stylishly enjoy a latte at your favourite cafe?

Versatility is an art

Some clothing items just look good.

Yet, you can get performance, comfort and style with the right pieces. There are two key things you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting new items to support your lifestyle:
  • Quality and
  • Layering
ASICS Seamless Tight + Seamless Jacket

To survive all the scenarios you’ll face from your early morning meeting to your lunchtime gym sesh to drinks with mates in the evening, quality fabrics that feature performance tech and layering are a must. You want clothing that feels soft to the touch but also breathes and wicks away sweat to keep you feeling fresh -- especially if you will wear these clothes for training.

Make purchases with a quality over quantity mindset

Whether you follow trends or you simply want to make changes to your lifestyle that will help you look and feel great, get more from your clothing by choosing quality.

What’s great about athleisure is you can wear clothing that’s comfortable and made to support movement -- whatever that looks like. Running to the bus stop, walking to a meeting, or dancing your way to better fitness.

If you’re a woman who wants to feel comfortable and look good, fabrics play an important role.

Athletic tights you found in a $20 or less bargain bin are probably not going to deliver the coverage, style or support you want, even if you can afford to buy five pairs at once.

Yes, soft is nice, but cotton tights won’t enhance your studio workout setting as they may trap your body heat and absorb sweat. They may also become rather sheer as you bend or stretch -- even creating unwanted shapes by wrinkling and adding bulk in the wrong places.

Quality fabrics are lightweight, feel soft to the touch and still:
  • Let you move
  • Allow your body to cool itself
  • Keep you dry and
  • Keep you covered
For example, performance tights often feature:
  • An overall fit that lets you feel supported but not compressed
  • Moisture wicking tech to keep you dry
  • Wide waistbands for comfort and flattering contour
  • Vents for breathability
  • No-see through fabrics for great coverage
ASICS Seamless Tights

Performance clothing will let you move any way you wish and doesn’t reveal anything it shouldn’t as it’s constructed with quality materials.

Get the right performance and styling

Next, layers give you options.

Think about outerwear such as jackets and hoodies, and match your performance items with the right accessories to dress them up or down. Layering is what makes it possible for you to seamlessly transition from one situation to the next.

However, choose your layers carefully. Visible performance tech like mesh vents is part of the athleisure look right now. Though tech you can’t easily spot, such as moisture wicking, is essential when it comes to wearing the same clothes all day.

Use tech to keep cool and dry in high-pressure situations at work or during your workout, and still feel comfortable enough to grab dinner in the evening.
ASICS Tech Full Zip Hoodie + Medium Support tight

If you think about styling from head to toe:
  • An Emma Racerback tank top, for example, is a great layering item. Sculpted side seams accent a woman's body in all the right places.
  • Or you could try a lightweight tee with keyhole detail as a stylish everyday top that will let you move and stay cool while looking good.
  • Tights with a wide contour waistband will provide sleek, even bold styling based on colour choices, and will keep you feeling ready for anything life has to offer.
  • Outer layers, such as a long sleeve tee or a great jacket, and your favourite accessories will complete your look.
Remove or add layers and accessories to transform your style for whatever it is happening next.

Look and feel great

Say goodbye to clothes that pinch, squeeze or dig into your skin. Say hello to clothing that flatters your shape and moves with your body.

At last, you can stop thinking about how your clothes feel and navigate your day with confidence. Feel great when you finally return home to unwind and reflect.

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