Top five natural remedies for menstrual cramps by Cottons

Top five natural remedies for menstrual cramps by Cottons

15 August 2017, 3:06PM

The majority of us suffer when it comes to that time of the month, and there’s nothing worse than menstrual cramps holding you back in your day-to-day life or from a fun night out. We’re sharing our top five natural remedies to help ease your cramps and alleviate any discomfort pre and during your period.

1.Use a heat pack Yes, it’s probably the most common tip out there, but completely underrated with all the different shapes and sizes they’re available in these days! Menstrual cramps not only affect our lower stomach, but a lot of us feel pain in our lower back and cramps through our legs. Using a heat pack to relax the area should calm the pain.

2 Familiarise yourself with essential oils Massaging lavender or cinnamon oil into your lower abdomen will work magic on your muscles by soothing and relaxing the targeted areas. Combine a mixture of oils to tailor for your needs. Cinnamon is great for reducing inflammation and can improve mood, while lavender will help with relieving pain and nervous tension whilst enhancing blood circulation.

3 Draw the perfect bath A lot of us experience harsh headaches prior to getting our period. Run a warm bath and dress it with some natural bath salts, lavender and rose. The bath salts will release the magnesium in your body which will relieve stress and anxiety. 

4 Healthy Foods - stay away from saturdated fats Foods high in saturated fats will add to the water retention our stomach is holding. To help reduce bloating, try eating some healthy fats like avocado and cranberries – which are also from the antioxidant family.

5 Get your herbal tea fix Green tea is great for your metabolism and also relaxes the mind. It is packed with antioxidants which allows the body to detox from all the bad in its system. Black tea and camomile tea are also a much-loved relaxant for the body.