Nerium International Releases Firming Body Contour Cream, Optimera™ Formula

Nerium International Releases Firming Body Contour Cream, Optimera™ Formula

15 August 2017, 3:08PM

Searching for a product that boosts beach-body confidence, amplifies results at the gym and helps carve out that coveted slim, smooth physique in 30 days? Look no more - Nerium International’s Firming Body Contour Cream, Optimera™ Formula (RRP $195) is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Nerium Firming Contour Cream can help quickly sculpt, slim and tighten the body from head to toe, helping to tame “trouble spots” such as upper arms, thighs, stomach, love handles and any cellulite, all while providing skin-benefiting hydration.

The key to the product’s performance is the exclusive Optimera™ Formula. This formula is a potent treatment powered by the patented, proprietary SIG-1273 ® molecule and the SAL-14™ botanical blend. This formula also features forskohlii root and caffeine to help smooth, tone and tighten problem areas as well as improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. This holistically-developed product also includes additional skin-benefiting antioxidants, botanical extracts and vitamins for enhanced age-fighting power.

Firming Body Contour Cream, Optimera™ Formula, with the exclusive SIG-1273 and SAL-14 ingredients:
Helps smooth and tighten skin for a more toned appearance
Works to improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin
Provides soothing benefits and adds moisture to skin, leaving it soft and deeply hydrated
Smooths, tightens, firms and tones problem areas
Key Ingredients, Synergistically Blended for Maximum Impact:
SIG-1273®- A patented, scientifically-engineered, intelligent molecule developed over 20 years of research out of Stock Laboratory at Princeton University. SIG-1273 is a dual-action molecule that boosts the skin’s ability to combat the oxidative stress that can lead to fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration and mimics the skin’s natural age-fighting mechanism.
SAL-14™- A patent-pending botanical blend; features the super antioxidant bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil to add moisture to the skin.
Forskohlii root oil - Helps firm skin to reduce the appearance of dimpling.
White willow bark - Known to have astringent and exfoliating benefits.
Caffeine - Helps stimulate circulation to smooth the appearance of dimpled skin.
Aloe barbadensis leaf juice - This nutrient-rich ingredient forms the base of the formula. It’s highly emollient and is a well-known source of moisture and hydration.
Shea & cocoa butters - Natural moisturizers with superior skin conditioning properties.
Peptide matrix - A blend of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans that helps restore skin’s suppleness and firmness.

Green tea - A well-known antioxidant that guards against damage caused by UV rays.
The Facts:

Nerium is rooted in science, providing proven, age-fighting products powered by the most advanced ingredients available.

In independently conducted clinical trials*:
100% of clinical study participants showed statistically significant improvement in skin tone, firmness and elasticity.
93% showed statistically significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite.
*Based on expert clinical grade study comprising 43 participants over 12 weeks.

Dermatologist-tested Firming Contour Cream is ideal for all skin types. This product is free of parabens, gluten, DEA, propylene glycol, sulfates, synthetics colors and phthalates.

To use: Massage a quarter-size amount of product into each targeted area in a circular motion for a minimum of 20 seconds or until fully absorbed. To maximize results, use twice a day. Optimal times of usage are after a warm shower and before bedtime.

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