Jamie Oliver's New Custom Kitchen inside an SUV

9 October 2017, 5:27PM
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What’s For Dinner? Land Rover’s Discovery Is The Perfect Recipe For Jamie Oliver’s Dream Kitchen-on-the-go

Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations builds Jamie Oliver’s dream kitchen
Wheels that churn butter, a slow cooker under the bonnet and a toaster in the armrest are just some of the kitchen gadgets on this bespoke Discovery
After five generations, the Land Rover Discovery has become the ultimate family car with seats for all seven of the Oliver family
A summary of Jamie’s Discovery story can be found here
A three-part-series featuring Jamie and his Discovery kitchen to premiere on his Food Tube channel. Watch the first film here on 5th October.

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Chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver and Jaguar Land Rover have created the ultimate kitchen on four wheels highlighting the versatility of a Land Rover Discovery. Jamie’s bespoke family SUV comes with a host of cooking features including a slow-cooker, barbecue, ice cream maker, olive oil dispenser and will even churn butter as you drive.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) worked with lifelong Land Rover fan and customer, Jamie, to bring his vision to life. The result is truly unique – it’s the only Discovery in the world that has a toaster in the centre console and a rotisserie driven by the power take off. Other ingenious features include a slow-cooker that sits beside the engine, a pasta maker, a gas hob and a deployable dining table and worktop. There is even a herb garden and spice rack in the rear windows.

Jamie Oliver said: “I gave Land Rover a massive challenge to create the ultimate kitchen on wheels. I dreamt big and asked for a lot, and what they’ve done has blown my mind. I didn’t think they’d actually be able to put a slow-cooker next to the engine and an olive oil dispenser in the boot, but they did. The result is an amazing Discovery, tailored perfectly for me and the family – we love it. This unique creation means we can take our culinary adventures to the next level.”

The SVO team prides itself on making the impossible happen, so was only too happy to help bring Jamie’s ideas to life.

David Fairbairn, Head of Bespoke at SVO, said: “As a team, we never imagined we would be asked to produce wheels that churn butter so it has been great fun working alongside Jamie to bring his vision to life. He really wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible with this versatile vehicle and the team fully embraced the challenge.

“Discovery helps our customers make every day an adventure, and this special vehicle will give Jamie and his family the chance to cook amazing meals anywhere they want to. The Bespoke team was created by SVO to enable us to really understand our most discerning clients’ needs, so we can tailor vehicles to suit their lifestyle.”

With up to 2,500 litres of luggage space and clever storage for 21st century family essentials, the versatile seven-seater Discovery was the perfect vehicle for SVO to modify. With plenty of room for a custom-made aluminium sink, a flat screen TV and deployable kitchen worktop that also doubles as a dining table. Further touches include a spice drawer, a bespoke pestle and mortar and a Land Rover barbecue.
Jamie’s three-part-series on his Food Tube channel will detail the build process and show him cooking for his family with the bespoke Discovery. The first episode goes live at 18.00 GMT on Thursday 5 October, click here to watch.

FeatureSpecificationSummary & Location

Slow Cooker4.7 litre capacityEngine bay mounted
Living Herb GardenAccommodates 8 herb plantsCustom made external access: Rear window - right
Spice Rack11 spice potsCustom made external access: Rear window – left
Spice Drawer5 extra, hot spice potsIntegrated in slide out worktop
Olive Oil & Vinegar Dispenser500ml eachVia Indicator stalk dispensers mounted in tailgate
Fold and slide out kitchen worktop1.1 metres wide & 1.5 metres tall, 2 X gas hobs & sinkAluminium frame with Leather wrapped cladding and veneered surface
Fold out cinema screen40” flat screen TV with connectivityIntegrated in slide out worktop area
HDMI/WiFi/USB input

Salt & Pepper GrinderSelections adapted from a PRNDL(s) gear shift: P = Pepper, S = Salt, N = NothingDeveloped from the original gear selector from the car

Butter churners3 churns - 5 litres eachWheel mounted machined aluminium casing, counterweighted stationary receptacle & wheel nut connected paddle

Ice Cream Maker1 churn attachment, 5 litre capacityWheel mounted machined aluminium casing, counterweighted stationary receptacle & wheel nut connected paddle

Integrated ToasterTwo sliceCentre console mounted toaster

Jam store3 pots & 1 knifeJam store behind climate control

Rotisserie & pasta cutterExtends 1.6m when deployedFront mounted rotisserie and pasta cutter drive behind Land Rover badge, holds up to 3 average chickens or 1 turkey / leg of lamb / small piglet

‘Piston’ and Mortar – bespoke Pestle & Mortar150mm tall x 76mm
diameterLoose cooking accessory, aluminium construction & weighted Pestle
Bespoke Land Rover BBQ inspired by GrilleDual folding grill to be mounted on foldable metal tableLoose cooking accessory with grill rack inspired by a Land Rover grille, encased within a standard 25L modified Jerry can