Fight the Flu on a Health Retreat

28 May 2013, 1:07PM

Travel has never been more beneficial, with Bali-based yoga, surf and spa getaway, SALT Retreats, offering a series of detoxifying escapes specifically for the health-conscious.

With every aspect of health and wellbeing considered in the construct and design of the retreat schedule, attendees can expect to leave SALT with increased immunity, a reduction in stress levels and bloating and renewed energy and mental clarity.

The retreats offer daily massages as part of their all-inclusive weeklong packages, naturally reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, lowering blood pressure and boosting serotonin and dopamine – depression fighting hormones.

Once stress levels are brought down, SALT nourishes the body, offering an organic menu designed by celebrity-chef Pete Evans packed with healthy, delicious produce including Balinese beef salads, satay chicken skewers, blueberry popsicles, fresh smoothies, juices and coconut water on tap. The menu has been developed with high protein, low carb options to ensure the body is fuelled sufficiently, while fat burning is optimised throughout the seven-day long retreat.

As the body begins to de-bloat from the natural, unprocessed foods, the muscles are given attention with daily surfing classes. The ultimate core and arm exercise, surfing provides the body with much-needed endorphins – helping fight colds and flu – while toning thighs, upper arms and the core.

To further promote mental and physical strength, yoga classes are practised with accredited yogis. These daily sessions include breath control, meditation and strength poses, giving a comprehensive workout of mind, body and soul. Researchers have noted the many health benefits of yoga practice, including increased fitness, blood pressure regulation, stress relief and improved metabolism.

Throughout winter, Australians will be taking advantage of the Indonesian tropical climate, taking immune-boosting trips north, seeking the vitamin D that the sun provides. And with SALT’s all-inclusive week long packages are available from $1,795, luxury is affordable for everyone.

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SALT Retreats is a luxury all-inclusive escape to Bali’s culturally-infused Seminyak region. With daily surfing, yoga, spa treatments and an organic menu created by celebrated chef Pete Evans, SALT is designed to restore the mind, body and soul.