Kiwi Women Feel Pressure to Have Cosmetic Surgery - Survey

24 March 2010, 9:41AM

It's official – one in six (16%) Kiwi women have confirmed they have felt pressure from the media and their peers to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures. The findings were released today as part of a survey conducted by leading skincare brand Olay Regenerist* – which took an independent look into the habits and attitudes ofNew Zealand women towards cosmetic procedures.

Just under 1 in 10 (8%) women admitted to already having work done, but a further two in five (38%) would consider having a cosmetic procedure. The majority of respondents said they would chose to have cosmetic procedures to “stay youthful” (37%), while others did so to appear more attractive to a current or potential partner (21%).

However, two thirds (67%) of those surveyed said they would happily consider using a face cream that offered similar anti-ageing benefits to cosmetic procedures as an alternative.

For those women who would consider cosmetic procedures the most popular choice was laser treatment (IPL), with 45% of those surveyed saying they would give it a try, followed by microdermabrasion (31%). These were also the two most popular treatments chosen by women who had already had work done with 49% having used IPL and 31% microdermabrasion.

Almost all of the respondents (93%) agreed that cosmetic procedures are more accepted in society today than five years ago and nearly half of the female respondents (43%) said they were concerned about the growing trend to have a cosmetic procedure and society’s greater acceptance of it.

Top Auckland appearance medicine expert, Dr Garsing Wong, says Kiwis are following a growing international trend, with an increasing number of both men and women opting for cosmetic procedures to turn back the clock.
Dr Wong says while lasers have been seen as the ‘gold standard’ for non-surgical revitalization of the skin, anti-ageing creams can help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles: “Anti-ageing creams, such as Olay Regenerist, are a laserless anti-ageing option for people who do not want to take the next, more drastic, steps in achieving a more youthful skin.”

The Olay Regenerist Survey was carried out in conjunction with the re-launch of Olay’s most scientifically advanced anti-ageing range, Regenerist – which is positioned as an alternative to drastic anti-ageing procedures such as laser, Botox & chemical peels**.