Charitable Partnership Extends Food Programme for Children

26 March 2010, 9:17AM

AUCKLAND, NZ, 23 March 2010 – A new alliance announced today between Kiehl’s, the venerable New York based apothecary of naturally derived skin and hair care, and the Garden to Table Trust will further develop its newly launched programme supporting New Zealand school children.

Maintaining its long standing tradition of supporting community charities, Kiehl’s is delighted to announce the partnership, with both parties sharing a strong affiliation with children and the environment.

Garden to Table is committed to promoting authentic and enjoyable educational experiences about food to young children. Through the programme Year 3 to 6 children are involved in growing a range of edible produce that is harvested according to organic gardening principles, prepared in purpose-built kitchen classrooms and then shared.

The Garden to Table Trust this morning officially launched the charity after a successful pilot programme in three Auckland schools - East Tamaki Primary School, Meadowbank Primary School and Peninsula Primary (Waitakere).
Through the programme children experience the cycle of growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing garden produce learning about sustainability and personal and social responsibility.

A family business for 150 years and recently launched in New Zealand, the mission of Kiehl’s is to contribute to all citizens and their environment to help make better communities. With its support of the Garden to Table Trust, Kiehl’s is delighted to be working alongside the charity with the goal to educating and nurturing these Kiwi children.

“We were determined to embody the Kiehl’s family mission when we launched in New Zealand last month and we very quickly recognised the potential for change in a symbiotic relationship between the company and Garden to Table,” says Miranda Waple, general manager for Kiehl’s.

“With both of our enterprises so closely aligned, we are delighted to be able to collaborate on a number of creative plans to raise awareness and support the schools involved.”

Catherine Bell, chairperson of the Garden to Table Trust agrees that the fit is perfect.

“We are privileged to partner with such a socially responsible company as Kiehl’s and the timing could not have been better, with plans to open the programme to more schools in 2010.”

Garden to Table recognises a wide concern that basic ‘life’ skills are often not being taught at home, that many children are disconnected from their food supply, do not recognise common vegetables and know little or nothing about where food comes from, or how to cook it.

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