Look Out Trinny and Suzannah - A New Style Tool Has Debuted online

31 March 2010, 2:54PM

Style queens Trinny & Suzannah took the world by storm, but now a new style tool has debuted online – and its revolutionizing the image industry. It’s called the Style Makeover ePortfolio and entrepreneur and SizeXchange.com Founder, Becky Siame today launches it onto the New Zealand market.

The Style Makeover ePortfolio makes fashion recommendations for women based upon their individual measurements, age and lifestyle.

“This program does everything an image consultant does, but without the cost associated with it,” says Ms Siame. “It’s perfect for women short on time and others who may feel uncomfortable about visiting an image consultant in person.”

It therefore comes as little surprise, that the program was created by internationally acclaimed image consultant and trainer, Ann Reinten. And now after years of planning, the program is now available in New Zealand.

With the Style Makeover ePortfolio, women pay a one-time fee to access the online application and enter their unique details. As such, the program creates a profile for them and then, makes recommendations for the woman.

“The program will make recommendations on the ideal style of business wear, casual wear, underwear, coats, swimwear, evening wear, hairstyles, shoes, eyewear and accessories,” says Ms Siame.

The Style Makeover ePortfolio has been evaluated by women the world over and the feedback has been nothing short of phenomenal.

“So impressed was I with Ann’s program, I am now helping her spread the word to women in New Zealand,” says Ms Siame. “This program does everything an image consultant does and it is the most cost-effective way to get a professional style assessment.”

In other words, it’s like having Suzy and Trinny on call, at anytime, to help you choose the right items of clothing and toss the wrong ones!

For more information on this unique, one-of-a-kind style tool, be sure to visit http://your-estyle.co.nz.