Bras Needed for World Record Attempt by GirlGuiding NZ

4 May 2010, 11:32AM

Girls and women across New Zealand – please dig out all of those unwanted bras to help create the world’s longest bra chain.

It does not matter what condition the bras are in – and whether there’s one or one hundred – any contributions are gratefully accepted. 

The Bra Chain, a GirlGuiding New Zealand Guinness world record attempt, is being organised by Dargaville Guide Leader Robyn Martinovich.

The world record of 166,000 bras is currently held by the Australians. Robyn thought of the idea when she came across a record for the world’s longest bra chain in her daughter’s Guinness Book of World Records.

As the largest female-only organisation in New Zealand, GirlGuiding New Zealand is working to raise awareness of breast cancer amongst its members and the wider community and the obvious link between breast cancer and bras inspired this campaign.

“In Guiding, girls are involved in community action projects and advocating for others. This is a great opportunity to assist in educating girls and women in the prevention and detection of breast cancer to try and ensure as few women and families as possible are affected by this terrible disease,” says GirlGuiding NZ’s Chief Executive Ruth Teasdale.

GirlGuiding NZ is wholeheartedly supporting the world record attempt which will be launched on Mother’s Day (May 9).

Bras are already being collected from throughout New Zealand with over 3000 already sitting in a Dargaville kumara shed. Local Guiding units will be the collection points for the bras.

Once the Bra Chain World Record attempt has been achieved, all the highest quality bras will be sent to women in Africa, Haiti, the Pacific Islands or other countries as a way of giving back to women and girls overseas.

“Most New Zealanders have been affected by breast cancer in one way or other and by attempting to break this world bra chain record, our GirlGuiding members are involved and making a contribution to their world,” says Ruth Teasdale.

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