Michael Hill's 22 Carat Diamond Is A Girl's Best Friend

28 September 2010, 11:39AM

Renowned jeweler Michael Hill will this week become the best friend of millions of women around the globe if the saying Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend rings true. Having founded the company that now operates 250 jewelry stores in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Michael Hill today announced the purchase of a rare 22 carat diamond that will be fashioned into a unique diamond engagement ring.

With over 50 years experience working with jewels this diamond is just one of three, princess cut diamonds of this size, that jewel expert Hill has ever seen; with the clarity, cut and colour of the highest grade.

“Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Katie Holmes, Beyonce and Catherine Zeta Jones are all fans of diamonds, along with most other women on the planet, it is these women that epitomize old world Hollywood glamour that we will use as inspiration for the design of a unique engagement ring.

“The cut, clarity, colour and carat of this diamond is absolutely brilliant so we are looking forward to seeing the stone take final shape into the ultimate engagement ring that will be worn and cherished by its owner.

“The rarity of the stone is what initially attracted me to the diamond and I just had to have it.” he concluded.

Since early 1979, the words Michael Hill have been synonymous with love, friendship and giving, with the jeweler now one of the worlds most successful jewelry brands in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

At Michael Hill, every piece of jewelry has a story behind it, from the design inspiration to the care put into crafting it. Jewelry making for the company is still a traditional craft where their own jewelers add the human touch and the creation of every piece is a collaboration of highly skilled designers, jewelers, stone setters and polishing experts.

For further information go to; www.michaelhill.com