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January 2016

Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate) funded in New Zealand as new treatment for relapsing multiple sclerosis
29 January 2016
NTCELL Continues to Reverse the Progression of Parkinson's Disease – One Year after Implant
28 January 2016
Coming Soon - St.Tropez Luxe Facial Oil
28 January 2016
Repeat supply of oral contraceptive to be available in pharmacies
27 January 2016
Manuka Doctor's ApiRefine CC Cream SPF20
23 January 2016
PURE PROTEIN: Revolutionary Protein Powder Launches in New Zealand
22 January 2016
One in five lie to their doctor
21 January 2016
Fudge Professional X LCM AW16
20 January 2016
Turn Over A New Leaf With A Pukka Tea-Tox
18 January 2016
Kiwis in denial about sweet tooth
14 January 2016
Elite women marathon runners better at pacing than men
14 January 2016
2016 Is the Global Year Against Pain in the Joints
13 January 2016
Manuka Doctor's 2015 Round Up of New Products, Awards and Celebrities
13 January 2016
Back to school with Omega Boost™ Junior fish oils
12 January 2016
Optometrist Warns Summer UV Damage Could Cause Ocular Melanoma
8 January 2016